Camp Related FAQs

Most first time campers are happy in their new adventure. For the odd child that does get homesick we ensure that the child is comforted, receives some counselling and simple one-on-one attention. We'd appreciate your co-operation in trusting in our extensive experience in dealing with young campers. We go through approximately 1000 first time campers every year and many repeat campers. The camps at Japalouppe are designed to be entertaining, educative and eventful in a way that the kids settle down very quickly to enjoy the program.
Japalouppe does not allow parents, family or friends to visit once the camp has begun. We find that it distracts the child from an already packed schedule. Such action also enhances the home-sickness feeling of the child and does not allow him/her to break the barrier of being able to stay away from their home. Other campers are also affected when a parent suddenly shows-up because they feel left out.
Please notify the office or the camp coordinator about who is coming and at what time. You can leave the parcel in the office and we will make sure your child will receive it.
Riding is a sport that combines balance, fitness, mental strength and bonding with a horse. Different people have different learning curves so its really difficult to give a number. Still, on an average a beginner needs roughly 7 to 12 lessons to learn how to control a horse in a trot and an additional 15 to 20 lessons to learn to canter.
We make sure that all our food is nutritious and tasty. Not a single meal is repeated during the 6 day camp. The menu is designed in such a way that your child will enjoy most of the meals if not all.
One question we always ask the parents; would you like your child to open their own Tiffin boxes and enjoy their own food in front of other 50 campers? This would set a bad example for your own child and for the other campers who maybe are also missing their home food.
In our years of experience we have also noticed that kids bring a lot of junk-food which we strongly discourage because horse riding is a high intensity sport which needs lot of energy. Junk-food kills their appetite and they do not eat their meals which results in fatigue and a bad ‘Horse Riding Camp’ experience. If we find any kid with such food, we’ll make sure that all of it goes to Mini The Pig!
To satisfy their cravings, every evening we do give finger food like Smilies, Fries, Mini-pizzas, Chicken Nuggets, Maggie etc. which they can buy and you can settle the bills when you come on the last day for the display.
The horse riding camps at Japalouppe are designed to be an exercise in independence as well as for them to learn how to ride.
You are most welcome to send a cell phone with your child. However the cell phones will be kept in safe custody and will be given to them at a designated time every day so that your child can contact you and speak with you. Typically the time the phones will be given to them is between 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm, however please note this time may vary based on their daily activities and so we urge you to be patient in awaiting their call.
In case you choose NOT to send a cell phone with your child ask your child to come to the office and we will permit him/her to give you a call during the designated call timings. We urge you to restrict this call to not more than 5 mins as there might be other kids who would like to use the office phone.
We don’t allow any such electronic gadgets. Japalouppe does not take responsibility if any such expensive item is lost. Think of this as a chance to give your child a DIGITAL DETOX. Also, this allows the child to digitally disconnect and enjoy the wholesome experience of making new friends, interacting with the Japalouppe animals and embracing the natural beauty of the farm.
There is no need for the children to have any money in their possession while at camp. In case the child needs anything extra, with your permission, the office will have it purchased and you can settle it on the last day of the camp.
We do offer a pickup facility for campers from Mumbai who have done camps at Japalouppe before. However we recommend that all first timers are dropped off so that the parents can attend the orientation session. We do not have a drop-off facility because all parents are expected to come on the last day to attend their child’s riding display.
In special cases where children are flying from different cities/countries we can arrange a pick-up and drop-off at the airport. Please contact the office for further information.
9:30 am is the standard reporting time for all camps and the parent orientation starts at 9.45am . In case you are planning on reporting late please inform us in advance.
Parents are expected to arrive at 2:00 pm on the last day of camp. The certificate distribution is done at 2:30 and the campers will give a horse riding display at 3:30 pm. The display gets over at around 5 pm. Friends and relatives are welcome to come and watch the display. The children always enjoy putting on a good show when they have an audience.
*Note : If there is a change in the above timing then Japlouppe will let you know.
We recommend a minimum of 2 camps a year to make progress. The more camps your child attends, the better he/she will get. Many campers who continue to ride have also started to compete in various horse riding tournaments across the country.
Yes, but not in the regular children's camps. We do conduct specific camps for anyone who requests it. Check the Schedule for camp dates.
Level 1 will get your child to learn the correct posture of sitting astride a horse, getting comfortable around the horse and being able to rise to the trot independently. Each level subsequently, takes the rider further with various riding skills.
Very safe! Statistically you have a greater chance of falling off a motorcycle or a bicycle than off a horse. We at Japalouppe have a commitment to safety. Our horses are selected on the basis of their temperament and are further trained to be ‘rider friendly’. All riders are given horses suited to their level only and wearing riding helmets is compulsory.
Don't worry. We provide helmets to all our riders. If you have your child has a helmet please send it along.
Ideally, riding breeches and boots with a fitting T-shirt (so that the instructor is able to easily gauge and correct your posture). For kids 11yrs and older, we recommend athletic supporters for boys and sports bras for girls. If you don't have breeches and/or boots, high waist, close fitting, full length stretch trousers or jeans and closed leather shoes with a 1 inch heel would be fine. We also suggest long (higher than ankle) thick sports socks to avoid bruises from the stirrups.
NOTE : When you book a camp, a list of ‘Things to bring’ will be emailed to you. Please make sure you read and comply as it will make things more comfortable for the camper.

Website Related FAQs

Just click on the ‘New Registration’ button and the rest is self explanatory. To start with all will have to register.... 1st timers and repeat campers.
1) There are 3 emergency contact information you will have to fill. ie. Parent/Guardian No.1, Parent/Guardian No.2 & the 3rd is called Emergency Contact. ONLY the 1st parent’s mobile number will be used for registration and communication.
2) Please double check the mobile number you have entered for typos. Only add 10 digits. Do not add a ‘0’ or +(91).
3) We use transactional SMS service which you should receive even though you have applied for DND with your mobile service provider. Very rarely there are mobile numbers which are completely blocked from receiving any such SMSs. In such scenarios we suggest you try another mobile number in the Parent/Guardian No1 information.
4) If you are receiving OTPs from your bank then even this should work.
It’s OK if you do not see your child’s school name on the list. Just click on the button School Not On The List’ and continue with the registration. We will add the school on your child profile when he/she comes for the camp.
Whether you are a 1st timer or a repeat camper, you’ll need to register only once. The website will ask the right questions as far as your child’s levels are concerned. Choose the correct levels (if repeat camper) which will be verified by us in our database or during your child’s camp. Once the registration is done and your child attends camps regularly, the website will automatically maintain the levels and the grades achieved by your child.
No you do not have to make two different registrations for siblings. You can add up-to 3 children under one registration.
Just login, go to your profile & select ‘Add Child’ from the drop down window.
1) No More Remembering Passwords!
2) The mobile number which you have used under the first Parent/Guardian No1 information will be your login ID.
3) Just click on ‘Login’ and then ‘Existing Member’. Enter your mobile number & click on ‘Generate OTP’. You’ll receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your phone. Enter the OTP and click on ‘Login’.
Please refer to the cancellation policy on this website.
The cancellation is not automated as it involves refunds as per the cancellation policy. Please call the office to cancel a booking and they will do the needful once you send a official email.
You will have to call us and make a formal application via email. Once the application is approved, we will replace your old number with the new number in our database. This process might take up-to 24 hours. We strongly suggest that you use one of your mobile numbers which you do not plan to discontinue.