Started in 1998 by the Mother Son duo Lorraine & Rohan More, Japalouppe today has grown into one of the leading & foremost authority on Equine training in Western India with a marquee list of clientele & successful events under its belt. Spread over a 12 acre facility Japalouppe is the only equestrian facility in the country that provides end to end solutions from riding, breeding of horses, training, education programs, veterinary back up, nutrition consultancy to performance horse management.

The name of the farm is inspired by ‘Jappeloup', a small French horse who dreamed of big things. By regular standards, Jappeloup was considered too short to ever succeed in the world of show-jumping. Jappeloup and his rider Pierre Durand were determined to prove themselves despite being written off by critics as being too small to succeed in show-jumping. Unfazed by the challenges facing them, Jappeloup and Pierre Durand went on to become legendary in the world of show-jumping, overcoming odds by sheer determination, winning a gold medal in the 1988 Olympic Games.

We at Japalouppe, extend our vision of taking riding to the lay-person with our equestrian consultancy services. At present, our Annual Equestrian Games brings together riders and horses of varying ages. Beyond competitions, the Games also include a workshop component to supplement our holistic vision of pooling together expertise from across the field.

Japalouppe's spectacular growth from being a shared family passion for horses to becoming one of India's largest private horse-riding schools is based on a founding belief– riding is for everyone. Every year, 14,000 riding lessons help train a new generation of young horsemen and women. Japalouppe aims at helping adults and children, both, enrich their lives by developing a trusting relationship with the horse they ride.

The Japalouppe Ethics

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to promote equestrian sport and create a facility that will all encompass, education, training and spread awareness.

Our Value System

  • To be clear and transparent in all our dealings.
  • To adhere to fair practices & guidelines of equestrian sport.
  • Provide an equal learning and growth opportunity to all associated with us.
  • To contribute back to the equine fraternity by sharing knowledge & creating capabilities at the lowest level through training & education.

Our Mission

  • Continuously enhancing our knowledge of equestrian sport and science and make this knowledge available to others.
  • Providing a forum where anyone passionate about the sport can come to learn about any aspect of equines.
  • Facilitating end to end equine solutions created through our learning over the years.
  • Creating an unbiased platform for fair equestrian sport.