General Questions

How often should I ride?

For Regular riders, typically we recommend that you ride at least once a week. In case you are aiming at competing, or want to hone your skills faster, twice or thrice a week is ideal. Die hards ride everyday.

What are your riding timings?

In the mornings 8:30 to 11:30
In the evenings 3:30 till we have daylight.

How long is a lesson?

A lesson lasts for 45 min to an hour, the duration depends on the instructor and the kind of exercise being done.

How long does it take to learn to ride?

Riding is a sport that combines balance, fitness, mental strength and bonding with a horse. Different people have different learning curves so its really difficult to give a number. Still, on an average a beginner needs roughly 7 to 12 lessons to learn how to control a horse in a trot and an additional 15 to 20 lessons to learn to canter.

How safe is horse-riding?

Very safe. Statisically you have a greater chance of falling in the bathroom than off a horse. But we at Japalouppe have a commitment to safety. Our horses are selected on the basis of their temperament and are further trained to be ‘rider friendly’. All riders are given horses suited to their level only and wearing riding helmets is compulsory.

I dont have a riding helmet! what do I do?

Dont worry. We provide helmets to all our riders. If you have your own helmet you are welcome to bring it. We also supply riding equipment if given advance notice.

What is the best thing to wear while riding?

Ideally, riding breeches and boots with a fitting T-shirt (so that the instructor is able to easily gauge and correct your posture). Gentlemen are requested to wear athletic supporters and ladies should wear sports bras. If you dont have breeches and/or boots please wear high waisted close fitting full length trousers or jeans and close-toed leather shoes with a distinct heel.

Camp Questions

How many camps are needed for my child to make progress?

We recommend a minimum of 2 camps a year to make progress. The more camps your child attends, the better he/she will get.

What time do we check in for a camp?

9:30 am is the standard reporting time for all camps. In case you are planning on reporting late please inform us in advance.

What time do we pick up the kids from the camp?

6 pm is the check out time but all camps end with a riding display where the kids ride to show their skills to their parents. We also distribute certificates and share anecdotes at the end of the display. Please come at 3:30 sharp so that you can see your child ride. Friends and relatives are welcome to come and watch the display. The children always enjoy putting on a good show when they have an audience.

My child has never stayed away from home before. Will he/ she manage a full camp?

Yes, we have had over 2500 first time campers and god knows how many repeat campers. We expect to deal with home-sickness and are experienced in handling it. For our younger campers, we recommend you send them with a friend or two for company.

My child has never stayed without me, Will my child get homesick?

Not necessarily. Many first time campers are happy in their new adventure. For the odd child that does get homesick we ensure that the child is comforted, receives some counseling and simple one-on-one attention. We'd appreciate your co-operation in trusting in our extensive experience in dealing with young campers.

Can I accompany my child for a camp or send a maid?

We strongly discourage parents, family or friends from staying or visiting once the camp has begun. We find that it leads to the child being distracted from an already packed schedule. We do however have a riding display on the last evening for which everyone is most welcome.

Maids / Helpers/Attendants are not allowed. We do allow families to be a part of the Japalouppe experience. Call for details.

I don't fit in to the required age group. Can I still do a camp?

Yes but not in the regular children's camps. We do specific camps for anyone who requests it. Check the Schedule for camp dates.

I would like to stay in touch with my child, Can I send a cell Phone?

Campers are strictly not allowed to have cell phones in their possession. In case you do wish to provide your child with your cell phone, the phones will be taken and kept in safe custody. They will be returned to the campers between 11 :30 and 12:30 in the morning only.

What about I-pods, PSPs, Game Boys, Cameras and other electronic gadgets?

No, we do not allow any expensive electronic items to be brought along to camp. the only electronic item we reccomend you send along is a torch.

Do you have a drop and pick up facility?

We do offer a pickup facility for camps, however we recommend that all first timers are dropped off by their parents so that the parents may also be a part of the orientation session.